Poor In Spirit

Life is someway. Have you ever lost something of value? Has such a simple task such as reaching for your wallet or phone in your very own pocket or purse ever caused your heart to skip a beat? If you have, you'll find this amusing if it was only a mere scare then. Otherwise, I … Continue reading Poor In Spirit

Impostor Syndrome

In November of 2018 after countless job applications and two aptitude tests with no breakthrough outcome, I chased after an opportunity with a digital marketing firm. It was simple, or so it seemed. They needed an analyst to help generate insights for their consumers as well as business partners and I needed to get my … Continue reading Impostor Syndrome

Five, Four, Three, Two, One … HIP-HIP-HIIIP!!!

Hurray! Last Monday marked 5 years of my blogging on WordPress. Looking back, it's been a worthwhile journey. To mark the occasion, here are 5 lessons I've picked up along the way: JUST DO IT! I know it sounds cliche, but see where it's brought me. Careful planning is good until it's just an excuse … Continue reading Five, Four, Three, Two, One … HIP-HIP-HIIIP!!!